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All the products have been designed with genealogy in mind and are perfect for bringing out the best in your research.

Looking for a gift for mum, dad or someone who loves doing their family tree?  

  • The Ancestor Scratchpad comes in its own presentation box with a free gift and discount code for future or repeat purchases. 

  • Need something instant because you have run out of time?! 

Grab the Ancestor Organiser an instant download means you can print and present to your loved one in a matter of minutes!  They will be really happy you have found something that compliments their passion and really works too! 

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My Ancestor Scratchpad:


Any genealogist will be thrilled to have this on their desk.

A quick desk pad designed entirely with family history in mind.

  • Timeline of events to assist with date tracking your ancestor

  • Record categories checklist so you don't miss a vital clue

  • Ancestor notes area to map and scribble your findings

  • This really is a great gift for anyone who enjoys family history and genealogy research, they will be so pleased you have finally found them something that accompanies their passion!

  • The pads are posted in a presentation box, with shred and wrapped in protective tissue.

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Ancestor Organiser | The Ultimate Guide To British Roots:

  • These instant downloads are your best foot forward when it comes to organising your family tree members and not missing those crucial links between the facts that are coming your way. 

  • Don't know much about British history?  No problem - I have included information guides and checklists over all the categories to help you on your journey.

  • Develop stories about your ancestors, use the timeline sheets to easily calculate key moments in their life whether its a marriage, a new baby or travelling abroad and scribble down all your musings about where you need to look next to nail those answers you are looking for.​

  • A great gift for anyone who enjoys family history and genealogy research!