Ancestor Organiser | The Ultimate Guide to British Roots

Ancestor Organiser | The Ultimate Guide to British Roots



🌱 Starting your family tree but don't know how or where to start?

🌱 Already started your tree but it's digital and you cannot see the wood for the trees (pun intended!)?

🌱 Struggling to see the links between your ancestors and forgetting who is who?


Get yourself organised with this uniquely designed  Ancestor Organiser | The Ultimate Guide To British Roots INSTANT PDF DOWNLOAD*


Your pack is full of hints and tips carefully collected from multiple genealogical sites and from years of experience on where to go to find the best records you need to fill out your family tree.  This collection has been made focusing on UK family history.  


Download your guide today and complete the simple sheets to make your own quick reference guides to build the solid foundations you need to craft your unique family tree.  



*This is an instant PDF download for you to complete by hand. Once you have completed your payment you will receive your sheets, none will be posted out to you and no additional sheets other than those stated above are included.

This is NOT a fillable PDF.

  • What exactly is in my PDF?

    You have a collcetion of 35 A4 colour pages content broken down as follows:


    User Guide

    What You Know / Jotter

    Timeline Sheet x2


    Ancestor Profile

    Spouse Profile

    Sibling Profile

    Adoption Profile

    Census Collection Sheets (Guide / Profile / 3x Checklist) 

    Education Collection Sheets (Guide / Profile / Checklist)

    Occupation Collcetion Sheets (Guide / Profile / Checklist)

    Military Collection Sheets (Profile / 3 x Checklist) 

    Criminal Collcetion Sheets (Guide / Profile / Checklist)

    Travel Collcetion Sheets (Guide / Profile / Checklist)

    Cemetary / Burial Sheets (Guide / Profile / Checklist)

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