What happens on a free discovery call?


​Very simply, we have a chat about your request, what you have done so far and what the outcome is that you really want.

Everyone is at different stages in their family tree, the vast majority of people have no idea at all and simply have a few family rumours to go on, however some people have been working on their tree for years and need help with one or two particular people.

I can explain my working process to you and we can discuss realistic budgets to gain the outcome you want whether that is just some names and dates in an email or a full blown family history ready for creating a book.

Either way, the call is a NO COMMITMENT discovery call, it works both ways so you can discover more about me and I can discover more about you and how I can help.

What will you find and how far back can you look ?


I cannot always be sure what I will find before I start looking, that's the nature of genealogy research.


For my popular tree building packages, whether you select one line, two lines or a full package, I will aim to discover when and where your ancestors were born; who they married; what they did; where and how they lived with their children as revealed by records such as the censuses.

I will travel back as far in time and cover as many generations as the research time and sources available allow. Please rest assured, my research is always tailored to you and I aim to provide all the information that you are interested in.

** During the current 2020 Covid 19 pandemic my research is now limited to online research only due to the closure of libraries, archives and the like.  There are also delays at places such as the GRO (General Register Office) of England and Wales, Scotland's People etc,  where I source birth, marriage and death records from.  This fluctuates between 2-6 weeks but can be longer.  

What if you can't find someone ?


Sadly there are no guarantees of records being available, such is the nature of genealogy! My initial checks ensure that enough records exist to begin your project.

I will keep you regularly updated with our progress, and if I meet a brick wall we will discuss other options, such as researching a different line of your family tree or developing an alternative gift idea for your project.

Alternatively, I can reduce the amount you need to pay in your final installment by calculating the number of research hours used and deducting the difference. Research hours are charged at the rate agreed in advance - rates start from £30 per hour plus disbursements.

Can you help me find a living person?


​Finding living people like old school friends or long lost family comes with its own set of very unique challenges which I can explain on the discovery call. I will do my very best to locate them and if successful mediate between you and the missing person, if that is what you want in a hope to reunite the two of you.


Please be aware that sometimes people don't want to be found and there is always a risk of rejection which I advise all potential clients to prepare themselves for. Contact me for more details.