Hi, I'm Fiona!

I am a british genealogist and creator of the best selling "Ancestor Scratchpad", a stationary aid for anyone researching their British roots.  


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Fi xx


Fill Your Roots Fiona Winter

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Claire W

Wow! I asked Fiona to out together an insight into my son's paternal path for his 15th birthday, his Grandad has recently passed away and I just wanted him to reflect on his past, see where his family had travelled and just spark interest into his own history.
I couldn't believe how much she managed to find out and it has given him the inspiration to find out more! It's such an amazing gift to give someone.
I would highly recommend Fiona, she's a real inspiration

Gemma J

Amazing Story...

My Father (Digger) was adopted as child 66yrs ago. At the age of 18 he started to search for his birth mother, he paused for a while as his adopted mum, my nan, got upset and he didn't want to hurt her feelings. 

My Nan passed away roughly 20years ago and after a few years, my father and Sharon started his search again. They went as far as driving to a place and knocking on doors, where unfortunately he found nothing, each turn he seemed to take, he seemed to hit another brick wall and couldn't find anything.

This made me very sad to see my father all these years wanting to know who he was, trying to find out his roots and getting know where. We searched Ancestry and still found nothing.

Rachel S

Fiona was really knowledgeable and managed to find out so much about my family history, lots of lovely surprises were found and it's so nice to find out about my previous generations.

Extremely pleased with what she found out for me.

I'd highly recommend Fill Your Roots as a way of filling out your own family history, Fiona was very friendly and it was a pleasure dealing with her.